1. Do I need to download a SmartCards app to view profiles?
No, SmartCards is designed to work with your smart phone’s browser.
2. Do I need a QR code scanner to view a SmartCards profile?
For direct access, yes.
3. How do I design my SmartCards?
SmartCards provides you three options.
(i) Upload your own file
(ii) Use a PowerPoint template to design your own cards
(iii) Receive assistance from a consultant(an additional fee of US$ 29.99 applies for this option).
4. Does this technology exist elsewhere?
Yes and No. We are proud to say that significant research has gone into this project. While other sites may offer bits and pieces that may suggest a similar service, SmartCards is the first and only dedicated solution to offer enhanced networking solutions through business cards.
5. Can I buy SmartCards from high street retailers?
This option will be available in the future. In the meantime we encourage you to use our online purchase option for a fast and efficient service.
6. How do I pay online? Is it secure?
We use PayPal as our trusted payment solution provider that uses an industry standard state of the art secure platform. You can pay directly through your PayPal account or through VISA/Mastercard and similar credit/debit solutions supported by Paypal. For cheque payments please email us separately at sales@smartcrds.com prior to placing your order as this payment option is not currently automated on our platform.
7. Can I order SmartCards even if I don’t reside in Canada or the USA?
Yes. We are pleased to offer a worldwide delivery service at competitive rates.
7. I am interested in becoming a SmartCards distributor?
Please contact us at sales@smartcrds.com and we will be happy to discuss further.